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Author/Date Moved iScribe to another hard Drive -- Lost all inbox mail
09/04/2004 2:41am
I had iScribe on a small hard drive and had to move
it over to a different drive because I ran out of
After I moved it I opened the program and all the
mail that was in the inbox was gone.

How do I find it and restore it ?
09/04/2004 3:13am
Start with this. See the bit at the bottom about restoring folders.
Chris D Hall
27/04/2004 3:39am
The other day, my emails just went missing, after not doing anything significant to the machine. I've downloaded the dump tool, but I'm having problems with the syntax, I hope someone can help.

Running w2k, I go to command prompt and try and run the folder-dump commamand, but I get back the no such command of executable file error. So then I tried accessing the FolderDump program first, where it listed a few commands for me, tried the same command and get the same error.
I've tries FolderDump folder-dump .... etc, folder-dump....etc & FolderDump.exe but to no avail. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Matthew Allen
27/04/2004 9:45am
- save folderdump.exe into the same directory as scribe.exe
- open dos prompt
- 'cd' to the directory you installed Scribe in
- then 'folder-dump folders.mail2 -s -a'
Chris D Hall
30/04/2004 6:39am
still no luck I'm afraid
C:\Scribe>folder-dump folders.m
'folder-dump' is not recognized
operable program or batch file.

This is the error I get following your instructions :(
Chris D Hall
30/04/2004 6:43am
ok found the problem it's not folder-dump, it's FolderDump