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11/05/2002 8:44am
Where can I find a list of the keyboard shortcuts of Scribe and can they be customized?

11/05/2002 10:22am
There isn't a list as yet, but all the shortcuts are defined in the file. Which being plain text is easily editable.

Look for \tCtrl+E sort of thing.
11/05/2002 11:36am
Thanks... One more thing: I have set up the editor
to have deafult ISO -8859-1 encoding and still I receive letters where the
german characters , , and their lower case variants , , are dispplayed
as if encoding was set to Ascii. When manually set to 8859-1 they are displayed
correctly. Is there a way to make all incoming meassages to use this encoding?
11/05/2002 6:46pm
v1.65 has a bug that is probably causing this, however I will fix it and release a new version in the next day or 2.

Sorry about the hassle.
12/05/2002 3:12am
I am actually still using 1.64...

Should I try 1.65 or wait for 1.66??
12/05/2002 6:23am
Don't wait any longer and try 1.66!
12/05/2002 11:02pm
If you look in the internet headers of a received email
and find the 'Content-Type' field, looks like:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

And when you right click on the text of the message the codepage selected is us-ascii say, then it's a bug, but as of 1.66 it has been working correctly for me. Let me know if you have any furthur problems.
Do Sul
13/05/2002 11:50pm

I'm using 1.66 version.
The codepage is right in email window, but always set to us-ascii in preview window.
01/07/2002 11:57am
Is it possible to skip to the next message/previous message/reply to message while the message window is open using a hotkey?
16/12/2002 4:50am
There is a list of hotkeys in the help now.

Including ones for replying and next/prev message.