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Author/Date Support of accentuated characters (é,à,è,etc...) ?
30/03/2004 11:17am

I try iScribe 1.86 Final, only for test in this moment.

But I have one problem. Sometimes I receive some mails in french language and I have a problem with the configuration of iScribe or not, but accentuated characters seems to be not supported on received mails (the send don't have this problem).

They are replaced by this symbol : ?

This screenshot for an exemple :
a instead of , d?di?s instead of ddis, r?agir instead of ragir, etc...

The help don't help me for this problem.
So I report the problem =)

30/03/2004 1:37pm
I get the same problem. My native languaje is spanish and is very annoying to have to correct the spelling for each reply I do (and I have to take of this since most of my users are teachers, and some are spanish teachers!) and it's the same for my signature. Looks like Unicode soport is not complete. It would be nice to have this fixed for the next stable release, specially now that I'm learning japanese. Have a nice day :)
30/03/2004 7:46pm
Firstly the most common reason for this is actually the sending email client putting the WRONG charset in the headers. Scribe faithfully displays the characters in the charset requested, and it doesn't look correct.

Is this my fault? Nope. Can I do much about it? Nope.

But but but??

Well I made a small consession towards this state of affairs by allowing the user to select a new charset to view the message in. Right click on the text and one of the menus allows you to select a new charset. So you can experiment until you get something that looks correct.

Alternatively you can send me the the message by dragging it from the list view to a new mail addressed to me and I'll look at it and check it for correctness.
31/03/2004 3:40am
Effectively, I try to send a message in iso-8859-1 charset with a Webmail to receive him by iScribe : No problem with this characters :)

Messages I often receive are alerts of a internet game, and they use the iso-8859-7 charset (like the screenshot on the first post).
I don't know what differences with the -1... :(

When I select iso-8859-1 with the right click on the same message, I have accentuated characters but they are not correct :

ddis instead of ddis etc... It is more readable of course, but strange.

If you still need the original message, I will forward him on your email.

31/03/2004 4:40am
I think it's best if you send me the message.
31/03/2004 6:56am
Mail sent.

The mail contains a copy of the originals headers at bottom of the text.

31/03/2004 8:17am
I think it was just a badly encoded message. Scribe wasn't doing anything different to Outlook Express. The message looked the same in both clients.

I'm not sure though, because you didn't attach the original email (like I asked) to your email to me, so it could have munged the characters in the sending.

Personally my opinion is still "garbage in, garbage out" on this one.
31/03/2004 11:20am
Oups sorry.

In fact I didn't understand very well your precedent post (I am not a good bilingual).
I just sent an other mail but with the asked method.

02/04/2004 11:52am
I don't have any problem viewing and reading the messageses I recive. The problem is when I replay them or foward them. Accuted and tiled characters are replaced by questions marks or by other characters. I checked the encoding character set most of my senders are using and it is iso-8859-1, which includes all characters in the spanish alphabet.
This is an example of the coding for most of my recived e-mail:
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
If there is anything I can do to correct this, please tell me. Thanks for your time.