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29/03/2004 8:44pm
>To test whether this is the case for you, click the "close >connection" when you get the 100% cpu use bug and if it drops >the connection and cpu usage returns to normal it's probably >the same thing I'm seeing.

Nope. Didn't stop anything - it stayed where it was. There wasn't anything in the log section of the transfer dialog, and the light stayed green/etc as before.

The only way out of it is to End Task it, start it up, and hit Send again.
29/03/2004 8:49pm
Ok that isolates some things.
29/03/2004 8:59pm
Did I get you to do an execution log?
(Options->Debug->Dump to 'scribe.txt')
29/03/2004 11:22pm
Nope, sorry. It's on now for the next time it happens, though.
05/05/2004 7:48am
More from me on 100% CPU - the lastest one happened when sending over SMTP from the non default account. I *THINK* it's happened through this process before.

Let me know if this information is totally useless, and I'll stop posting it :)