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28/03/2004 11:47pm
ThankYou for the PHP script.
Whereabout in Scribe or the script do I enter the following information:
username & password to gain access to the internet
username & password to view the PHP script
29/03/2004 12:02am
I got the following error when attempted to view(access) the PHP script in the password protected directory:
HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required
WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Sign in to access this Private Directory:"
Connection: close
Could you please fix it in "Test9"
29/03/2004 1:45am
HTTP auth... is not implemented in the current version of Scribe but I will look at it soon. Maybe not for test9 depending on work load and whether other bugs get fixed or not.
29/03/2004 5:23am
It's your lucky day Bob, adding HTTP auth (at least Basic) was trivially easy so I've added support for it.

Basically the username/pass in the options is to access the web script, and the username/pass for the pop account must be in the script itself. They don't need to be the same as they're accessing different resources. You don't even need the script to be accessing the same server as it's on. Ie. Php will connect to a remote machine to pull mail from if you direct it to.

PS Don't expect this sort of service ALL the time. But I try ;)
29/03/2004 9:20pm
What about the username & password to gain access to the internet("Internet LogIn")?
How could it be entered in the proxy settings? What would the server be: "local"?
29/03/2004 9:59pm
Scribe doesn't have the ability to dial up to access the internet, that function is handled by the operating system. I know other applications do it, but it's not the right way to go about things.
31/03/2004 12:15am
Last night I documented the PopOverHttp feature in the help files. So with the next release there is a section describing how to configure things.
17/08/2004 4:30pm
I have configured the script as required, but when I check the popoverhttp.php in a web browser i only get Error: POP3 Connect Failed.

I newly installed a php- enebled webspace at tripod for that purpose only. I have checked both behind and without firewall.

My Pop provider has both smtp and pop server Is that the server I need to state in the script?

What am I doing wrong? Please help!
28/09/2004 6:16am
You need to put the right user/pass for your POP account into the script itself.