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Patrick Ang
28/03/2004 1:53am

When I use 'Leave messages on server' option, I tend to download my messages more than once, thus storing multiple copies locally. Is it possible to have a select option that will select duplicate copies of the messages? (eg. if I have 3 copies of a message, I would like to select 2 of them and delete them thus retainig 1 copy only).

Regarding the Linux multiple window on start-up, it now opens with a single window, don't know what happened. ;)

v1.87 test 8, when downloading messages from Preview window:
1. I have 68 messages online, tried to download/delete 5 of them, it downloaded 40 of them! :)
2. The progress status seems to be not working, showing "0 of ??" or "1 of ??" all throughout the download.
3. The Email progress is working.

28/03/2004 2:20am
Multiple windows: Eh?

Progress bar: Fixed... (known problem)

Selecting dupes: This is too obscure. Most people don't need this. And I can't see how this is could be done neatly.