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Author/Date 1.64 and danish ?!
09/05/2002 6:35pm
I have a problem with danish signs in 1.64, I just get funny signs but if I re-install 1.63 it's okay ?!!

Any clue ....

09/05/2002 8:58pm
The Danish language is currently being rendered in
us-ascii because no-one has requested it to be any different. However the us-ascii codepage has now been corrected from Win1252 to real us-ascii via a mapping table, so all the characters above 128 (0x80) are now different
(and correct). So the Danish text must have used those Win1252 chars. However Scribe doesn't have a Danish translation. Only a Dutch one... so I'm not sure what your seeing? As for resolving the issue at hand, there are 2 ways to go about it. I can just specify the Danish codepage as "Win1252" as that was what it was encoded in or I can wait for someone to fix the broken chars to match a proper codepage. Either the correct us-ascii codepage or one of
the ISO 8859-x codepages. Unless you want to fix the chars I'll go with the first option.
10/05/2002 4:01am
Thank's for your quick reply, I go with the first option ;)

Will it be fixed in version 1.65 ?

10/05/2002 5:43am
I sent you an email, I need to know which langauge your talking about, as there is no 'Danish' translation yet.
10/05/2002 9:05am
As always, quick and kind support, THANK's :)

Case closed.