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09/03/2004 4:19pm
I am using the Hex editor on a Microsoft Outlook pst file. I can change the data, but I cannot figure out how to delete. Please advise.

09/03/2004 5:48pm
I get this question about once a month... I'm seriously thinking about writing up a note on the i.Hex page to explain what to do.

I actually don't know anything about outlook folders, the suggestion to use i.Hex to fix them was by someone else. And what I _think_ they mean is to "corrupt" some bytes in the middle of the file so that the repair tool removes the broken object and brings the file size down.

So I'd try opening the PST, seeking into the middle and just zero'ing out a block of bytes. I don't think you actually have to remove the bytes from the file.

My reasoning is that i.Hex has never been able to do that so for someone to suggest using it they would've known that it can't "delete" bytes, only "edit" them.