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Author/Date Save mbox after a pop
09/05/2002 6:08am
Matt, did you implement
the feature of saving mbox
just after a pop session?

I asked you sometimes ago to
be sure not to lose just
downloaded emails in case
of a Windoz crash before
exiting Scribe.
09/05/2002 9:27am
I don't remember that, however it's an interesting
idea. I have for many years now kept the log option on so that I can dig out the raw emails and catch things that Scribe loses during a crash. However this isn't easy to import back into Scribe. Maybe a logging option for "MBox" is the way to go. The current options are "no log", "binary" and "hex dump". Sound good?
09/05/2002 3:09pm

Anyway a simple flush of the mbox file
after each succesful pop is enought.