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Author/Date Importing from Outlook Express
06/05/2002 3:50am
Outlook 5.5
OS= Win98SE
RAM= 128megs
i.Scribe 1.64

It seems like there is a limit on both file size and number of messages/folder (dbx file) when importing from OE.

1. dbx file 9,073,136 bytes - Scribe freezes with the Progress bar showing no progress. Restarting the app gives a bunch of 0 size messages with new send time set to the time of the import . The first few messages seem to have imported properly.

2. dbx file 8,376,176 bytes - 27 messages of 53 converted properly. The rest are gone. No error, Scribe says the import worked.

3. dbx file 7,615,856 bytes - 50 out of 50 (moved three out of above file) everything works.

06/05/2002 4:58am
I suspect that the above information is less than helpful.

I tried with smaller (size) mail files, but only got a maximum of 50 messages to import from any given folder. It seems that there may be a limit of 50 messages/folder when going from OE 5 .5 to Scribe.

There also seems to be a file size limit for the .dbx files of around 8.5 Megs. When dealing with files larger than that, Scribe went into the "not responding" state and had to be killed with +.

Best to you,
PS it is almost 5 am so this post may be of little more use than the last.
06/05/2002 7:24pm
I havn't ever been able to get a .dbx file that will crash Scribe. Seeing as you have some is it possible for you to get them to me somehow?

If I post an ftp server somewhere are you able to upload the biggest one?

I think if you zip it up it should be maybe 5mb.
15/05/2002 10:15am
Sorry about the delay.

I can not send you the files I was using as they were half work related and not approved by the company. However, I may get some time to send create a .dbx file that is composed of my own mail.

I will see how the next couple of days go.

24/05/2002 9:50am
FWIW, I just downloaded 1.67 and it imported a 28.8MB (176 items) .dbx (a 'Humor' folder with sound files and movies) which I hadn't tried in a long time since it used to hang early versions of InScribe. I haven't tried all of the attachments yet, but the ones that I have tried worked just fine. Great job Matt!