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Carlos Rocha
21/02/2004 2:31pm
Hi Matthew,

As i never asked you anything (eheh) I'm posting here a litle request:
I noticed that the headers in Preview Window has buttons (when I click on them, they go down and up...), so they can produce events, right? Is it possible to easily associate to "Load" and "Delete" the function, that you already have, "Mark All"?

I'm asking this because there are no corresponding option trough menus, and ppl have to: put focus on the window with the mouse, use keys (Ctrl A) to select all, and mouse again to mark them. All this could be done with only 1 click.

If it's easy, of course.

22/02/2004 2:46am
Let me get this straight, you want to associate the delete and download column headings of the preview window to set the entire column under it?

Or do you mean something else?

I was going to make the headings sort the contents sometime, which would mean you couldn't do what I suggested as well.
Carlos Rocha
22/02/2004 6:35pm
The idea is to associate the delete and download column headings to set the entire column under it, because they are unuseful to anything else, and you already have the functions "SelectAll" and "UnSelectAll" working (Scribe does that after selecting all).

Besides, even if you want to sort the contents (I don't see the interest, but it might exist), why sort by Download or Delete?

My point is:
for ppl who receives lots of spam, they could select all the messages easiely for deleting
for ppl who don't receive lots of spam (my case) or don't want to delete on server, they could select all for download easiely

I always use previw window, select all to download, and all to delete...

22/02/2004 6:42pm
Ok that seems reasonable.
07/03/2004 6:15am
This is implemented in the current test.