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Author/Date Duplicate system folders
Patrick Ang
20/02/2004 10:43pm

I am not really sure how this has happened but I got duplicate folders for the following in my folder list:
- Outbox
- Sent
- Trash
- Contacts
- Templates
- Filters

My guess is, there was a time I loaded my current .mail2 file (1.86 version of scribe) with an much older version (can't remember version number) in Linux. Not sure though...

Is there a way to remove these duplicates?

21/02/2004 1:05am
Shift right click... and DELETE!

This I think has been fixed in the current release.
Patrik Ang
23/02/2004 12:30am

Another thing, I am a newbie in Linux, just installed Fedora Core 1 w/ Gnome. I am able to run i.Scribe 1.87 test4 but after opening a couple of messages, it just freezes. Any issue regarding this? Gnome issue?

23/02/2004 12:34am
I wasn't aware of any issue with hangs openning messages.

Does it happen reliably on the same email every time?
Patrick Ang
23/02/2004 8:58pm
Hmm, seems to happen to any message I open. I got ~2000+ messages in my inbox and sub-folders. With "freeze" I mean, I can still move/resize the windows, but it is blank (gray) and I cannot close them (message and main windows).

When I start i.Scribe, two app appears on the taskbar, one is named i.Scribe, and the other "Starting i.Scribe". It takes at least a minute or two for the latter to disappear, even after the main window has finished loading the messages into list. Is that normal?
23/02/2004 10:00pm
No that isn't normal. You should only get one window.

Are you using the run-scribe script or directly executing the program?