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20/02/2004 6:56pm
Don't remember if I reported this or not yet. But ever since I started using scribe, after a while it'll get stuck trying to send mail (using SMTP). So I won't be able to send anything else until I open the task manager and kill scribe, and restart it. (The window that pops up now with 'Kill' and 'Cancel' the current job doesn't work in this instance.)

The "log" window in send status is blank when this happens, too.

I'm using test3 and WinXP.
20/02/2004 6:57pm
Oh, I forgot to add - sometimes when it gets stuck like this, say 20% of the time, it freezes scribe up and causes it to use 99% CPU as well. :(
22/02/2004 6:39pm
I know about this, although it's never happened to me. And I'd love to fix it, but I really don't know where to start.

It'd be top priority if I knew what to do next.