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Author/Date GIF format problem
28/03/2002 3:59am
Today I worked with I.Mage and
found one bug with GIF format.

I open GIF file, edit it and save changes.
Later, when i tried to open this file by
any other graphic editor (Photoed by MS for ex.)
It says wrong file format.

PS: I opened this file again with I.Mage
saved it as PNG format. In this case
I can open it with photoed and save to GIF.
Matthew Allen
28/03/2002 9:03am
Do you still have the broken GIF file?

Send it to me if you do, I'd like to see it.
28/03/2002 11:45am
I did it. Please see and replay.

01/04/2002 8:07am
I got the file.

After looking through the GIF spec again I found that you have to write a little "trailer" block, 1 byte long at the end of the file. It doesn't mean much, other than the file is officially finished. Obviously some applications required that and others don't care.

But for completeness I've added code to write it out in v0.95

Thanks for the input