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18/02/2004 7:35am
Hi fReT,

It's time to create my first signature. I did not find any hints about creating signatures. Is there a sample available how the content should look?

Thanks in advance.

18/02/2004 6:24pm
This is what I put in my sig file:
Matthew Allen
( (

It's simple and to the point. There is some special tags you can add to signatures, that are documented in the help files. If you want to add a random line from a file of interesting quotes or something.
19/02/2004 2:20am
Ok, I did a mistake.

I only activated the signature in "Settings-Accounts" but not in "Settings-Identity". The reason for this is I want to use different signatures for different accounts. But I think that's not possible.

Another question:
Is there a way that the signature appears at top of the message if replying?