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Do Sul
04/05/2002 10:58pm
I think calendar isn't a feature that all people like. Why not make a plugin Calendar, instead of have it exe-in?

i.Scribe is great! Keep up the good work!

PS: sorry for my bad english. I only speak portuguese, italian and spanish.
Michiel van Es
05/05/2002 6:02am
Why would you dissable it?
It won't cost you any extra performance at all!
If you don't want to use..don't use it! :)
You're not forced to use it is an already installed plug-in ;)

05/05/2002 8:54am
it's just about size and speed.
the question is: does the calendar feature slow down/enlarge Scribe? if so, shouldn't it be disabled by default and distributed as a plug-in.
That may be a good point...
05/05/2002 11:35am
I don't like the Calender either, I was sad that day it was installed in i.scribe! A calender has nothing to do in a mailprogram, special not in a mailprogram of this small size as it is with i.scribe

But I can't and may not complain because this is a total free program and it is so great!!

But maybe a calender plugin was the right way ... ??

Until now I have "converted" nine of my friends to use i.scribe instead of M$ Outlook :)


05/05/2002 3:25pm
I doubt it could be made into a plugin and maintain it's current level of functionality (in terms of integration).

But as time goes by I bet the calendar will grow bigger and bigger in amount of functions, so even if it currently may not be such a good idea to convert it into a plugin cause the size/speed difference will be minimal, it probably will in the future.
05/05/2002 9:34pm
Cyco is right, the level of intergration possible is limited by being a plugin (at the moment).

Scribe can't be all things to all people. However it fulfils my own needs first, as it's what I use. And I want a simple calendar so it stays.

There may be a time in the future where the architecture is such to allow having it as a plugin, it's certainly my hope that it can be that flexible, without losing the desired level of intergration.
09/07/2002 12:16pm
I like your attitude, fRet. "I like it so it says" :-)

What are the chances of the Calendar becoming shared.

I guarantee that many, many small businesses would use the software if you could make this work.

My company for example is looking for a proram with a shared calendar.
09/07/2002 7:29pm
Shared calendar?
I'd say the chances are about 100%.

It's just a matter of time.
10/07/2002 5:17am
could you keep me updated?