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Author/Date Some problems with greek subjects
17/02/2004 9:07am
Its a great product you have there, and i'm glad to use it.

I have a small problem with greek subject lines:

I put "Καλημέρα από Αθήνα" but in Outlook the receiver gets "ΚαλημέρααπόΑθήνα" (one word, no spaces)

I'm using v1.87 Test3 Win32 release.


1) i dont know exactly i can put a singature in each mail...

2) In the next version, can you make the programm to check the server (but not download) every X minutes? This works now only for downloading mails.

To say thanks, i just payed through PayPal for a Commercial Verion! :)

Have fun,
17/02/2004 5:45pm
I'll have a look at the charset issue.

You can add a signature by creating a text file with the content and then pointing the field "Signature XML" in the identity tab to the file you just created.

On the topic of checking for email but not downloading it, what exactly is the point of this request? Don't you want to see the new mail when it arrives? It doesn't sound useful to me.
18/02/2004 5:29am

1) yes, i got it - thanks!

2) the point is that now you can set InScribe to check for emails evey X minutes - then, the programm will download every mail that is on the server.

But the point of previewing the message on server is to not download mails you dont want.

So, i can preview manually, but not every X minutes. Thats what i want: InScribe to previewing the server every X minutes, and leting me choose witch mail to download... :)

18/02/2004 6:19pm
Ok, I've added "Preview instead of download new mail" to the todo list.

Also the problem with Outlook removing spaces in the subject seems to be an Outlook bug. However I might be able to work around it somehow. I've started looking into it.
19/02/2004 3:33am
Thanks for your time