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Author/Date Importing Mail from MBOX
04/05/2002 11:45am
My understanding is that Mozilla and Netscape store their mail in MBOX format. Opening their mail forders in notepad kind of confirms this as it's just plain text, starting each new message with "From:"

When trying to import this into Scribe, nothing happens. Not even an error.

04/05/2002 1:04pm
As fas as I know, Netscape stores its messages with extension snm. But I'm not 100% sure.
04/05/2002 7:24pm
When you imported the MBOX file you set the import folder to something other than "/" didn't you?

I tested it just now and it's working pretty well, so it's either a broken MBOX file or not the right input folder.
11/05/2002 3:26pm
I definitely did try and import into a folder other
than / I've also managed to confirm that Netscape does use the MBOX format, and opening a Netscape mailbox in notepad and comparing to an MBOX file created by InScribe, they look pretty much alike. Kmail also seems to like Netscape mail forders without needing conversion. The only reason I'm resorting to this is because the Outlook Express Importer doesn't work (as per the other posts in these Forums). There's got to be a way to get mail into InScribe.
11/05/2002 3:51pm
OK - I finally found a way to get mail from Outlook Express to InScribe - it's painful, but it works. There's a conversion utility at which converts OE's dbx files to UNIX MBOX format.

The resulting MBOX files import nicely into InScribe (albeit painfully slowly). I tested this with a 17MB file (which crashes on the OE import) and it came through great.
11/05/2002 6:49pm
I see some source that reads OE files!!!!!! Seeing
as the util is GPL :( I will have to reverse engineer the format and then
fix the importer. But this is good news, at last I can do something constructive
about fixing the importer! Yay.