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Carlos Rocha
11/02/2004 8:00pm
Hi Matthew,

When calling Scribe with command line parameters the subject string still becomes wrong if I use portuguese characters, for example:

"Devolução taxa justiça" becomes "Devolu?o taxa justi"

And the attached filename is case-sensitive (not big deal).

Win XP Pro, Test3


1. Any chance to call the calendar from command line with options like "open it in a given date" and "put this on for tomorrow" or "write down today in a text file"?

2. Any chance to attach more than one file and still define the body?

3. I like the buttons :)


11/02/2004 8:18pm
Command line: This is a bug, I'll look at it soon.

Attach more than one file: maybe -f "file1,file2,file3" ?

Calendar scripting: Would being able to import vCal files (which included their own start/end date) work? With maybe another option to open the calendar at a certain date?
Carlos Rocha
11/02/2004 10:18pm
Thanks for the fast reply

>Attach more than one file: maybe -f "file1,file2,file3" ?

In your place I would choose something like -f @filelist.txt with the -b for each file, because of the limitation of command line lenght, and to be able to send attachments and still define the body, like:

file2.exe -b
file3.jpg -b

>Calendar scripting: Would being able to import vCal files
>(which included their own start/end date) work? With maybe
>another option to open the calendar at a certain date?

I think you got it :)
Your Calendar is great. I'm realy interested in supporting it from my App. I'll check that "vCal stuff" in your docs and post something here. Thanks again

12/02/2004 7:34am
I've fixed the accented chars in the command line. At least in Win2k.
Carlos Rocha
12/02/2004 12:37pm
I found iCal (not vCal), and I like the approach: it's easy to work with text files :)

I like the idea of a shared calendar too, and it's maybe the easier way to sell InScribe. By the way, you need another flag (-a) in command line ;)

How about signing the messages (like outlook)? it would be the perfect e-mail client -- I have about ????? clients waiting -- :)

12/02/2004 6:02pm
iCal/vCal - same thing...

-a: huh? Whats it do?

Certificates: When I figure out how they work I'll write some code. But I havn't really had much luck with it yet. There is a lot of hard to read docs to get through. I know your waiting on it.
Carlos Rocha
12/02/2004 6:30pm
hehe.... (-a[accountname])
the signs "minor" and "major" eated it :)

I'm trying some tests with openSSL. Good luck
12/02/2004 6:33pm
I still don't get this "-a" option?

Do you mean 'do a receive on account xyz'?
Carlos Rocha
12/02/2004 7:07pm
It's probably my english :)

With more than one account, how can we select the one we want to use to send a message (using command line options)?
By the way, I feel a similar problem when sending messages to people with more than one e-mail address: the soluction is to create more than one entry for the same person