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10/02/2004 10:51pm
so... how do we make these?
10/02/2004 10:55pm
Firstly have a read of this which explains some of the basic detail.

So if your still interested, considering there is no file format (yet) and you have to write code then have a look at the project in Lgi's source: /Lgi/Gel.

It's the default skin at the moment. The code itself is in _Common/Skins/Gel, and it's only implementing a few controls at this stage.
10/02/2004 11:12pm
Hmmm. Bummer. I guess I'll have to just wait for others to make skins then. Or for a simpler format to be implemented. Looks nice, though, certainly much nicer than before - are you planning on integrated the "old skins" into it? (_about.gif and all those.)
10/02/2004 11:17pm
The actual icons and not tied to the skinning library. The skinning library takes care of drawing controls. The icons and other bitmaps used throughout the program are not part of LGI's skinning functionality.

However I fully expect that people will bundle new graphics for the icons and buttons WITH a lgi skin DLL to completely change the appearence of the UI.

At some point I would also expect that a DLL for Lgi will be written that loads from a script file and some graphics and paints from that so that themeing people can go at it without having to code in C++.

This is just an initial step to add support at the base level into Lgi.