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10/02/2004 3:11pm

I know I already told about this, and I understand what you said that files might be open in another app... but I've been thinking about this (yeah, I'm slow!) and I guess it could work like this to make everyone happy: leave attach files in temp dir only if they have been opened directly from InScribe.

Right now, if I do a "Save as..." for an attachment and save it somewhere, a copy is left in temp dir. However, if I drag the file and drop it somewhere, it is not left there. I guess it is safe to delete it when the Save as operation has been completed.
Same happens with images embedded in html mails. All those little (and no so little) gifs keep stored in temp when I have closed (and even deleted) the message. In this case I also think it is safe to remove them.

Could this be done? Please, please, please? :)
10/02/2004 4:24pm
I agree. This is something which really irritates me.

I have prepared a batch file and copied it into the startup folder. Here is the content:

del "d:\temp\"*.* /q /s /f

Change the path to your temp dir. Save as *.bat - thats it.

10/02/2004 4:38pm
10/02/2004 5:18pm
Yes this needs overhauling. I'll add it to my todo list.
10/02/2004 5:48pm
Forces deletion of read-only files.

Quiet mode; does not prompt for delete confirmation.

Deletes specified files from the current directory and all subdirectories.

11/02/2004 5:54am
Thank you :)