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Author/Date sizing problem
Ted Barham
06/02/2004 9:49pm
I really like iScribe, but it doesn't display very well on my computer screen. I suppose it's the fact that my laptop screen is 1400x1050, but several of the iScribe screens are too small for their contents. For example, on the 'Settings' window, the buttons along the bottom are only half visible.

Short of using a different screen resolution, is there a way I can "fix" iScribe so I can see everything?
07/02/2004 3:59am
It displayed quite fine on 800x600 when I tested it this afternoon.

I really have no idea what you mean. Unless your using 32 point font as your system font. ;)

You'll have to post or send a screenshot to show me what you mean. Full screen please.
08/02/2004 5:26pm
I don't know what you mean. I use inscribe on my laptop too. I also have a screen of 1400x1050 and everything looks well. It seems that something is wrong with your screen... What color depth do you use?


ps: can you post a screenshot?
08/02/2004 6:32pm
Bois: The actual problem is not the resolution of the screen but the size of the fonts. The fonts are so large that they are clipping at the window boundaries and aren't readable. This is because he's using "Large Fonts" in the windows settings.

Generally I don't attempt to support the use of "Large Fonts" but I am intested in eventually making the GUI font sensitive. This is most likely to happen with v2 of Scribe. Seeing as a substantial amount of work is involved.

You get better results by using "Small Fonts" and upping the point size of the system font. This seems to work better with a number of applications.

Also Scribe has a font size modifier in the appearance options that you can use to adjust the font sizes just in Scribe. So I suggest that you use that in this case to bring the font size down just for Scribe. At least the text should be readable, even if it's a little small.