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06/02/2004 2:23pm
Trying i.Scribe v1.86 and v1.87 on Windows ME and printing on Laserjet 4 Plus.

The margins don't print properly in either version. Set for 1" margins, the left, top and bottom margins are about 5/8", and the lines extend beyond the right edge. Tried with Courier and Courier New 12pt fonts.

Is this an ME problem?

BTW, I'm planning to use Scribe as an email reader that allows staff to view, sort and print email archives. It's convenient being able to use your program this way.

A pure reader version with import/export would be nice...if it could use relative paths to the mail file I could even place everything on a CD for easy distribution!
07/02/2004 2:54pm
Emails printed better on my home XP system, although line spacing was a little tight with 12pt courier. Some descenders were slightly cut off. Left, right and top margins appeared to be about 5/8" even though being set for 1".

As to CD media, used ../ in the Options-Folders textbox and copied the entire folder, including scribe.exe and the mailbox file, to CD. Scribe was able to run and load the mailbox on both E: and F: CD-drives. Great for having staff access archived email, and this means we will be purchasing licensed copies next week!

The program did complain at start-up of being read-only, but with the option to ignore the error. Perhaps a Read-Only toggle in the config file to avoid even this?
07/02/2004 6:41pm
Printing: I'll look at this soon. It's probably not a difficult problem. The original calculations were quite rough. So I'll address that in a future version.
07/02/2004 11:44pm
Thanks for the reply!