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Moreno F.
06/02/2004 6:10am
Hi to all, first to say this is a wonderful email client!

Just a question, i'm using i.scribe v1.86 and once installed the gnupg plugin i receive this error when i.scribe starts:
Couldn't find the GPG program.

i've already downloaded and installed on win 2000 pro from the program.

(I'm sorry for my bad english!)
Moreno F.
06/02/2004 6:32am
Ok, i'v just find the way!
now i had another error message, but i think i can resolve otherwise i'll be back!
09/11/2005 3:38pm
how did you fix that?
i put the path to gpg.exe and it still fails.
20/11/2005 11:39pm
You might want to try the latest builds of Scribe and the plugin... I've fixed some things since then.
14/02/2006 1:12pm
I have the latest versions of the GnuPG plugins and i.Scribe and I am getting the same message - cannot find GPG.

Can someone post the solution (rather than simply saying "I found it!")
14/02/2006 9:25pm
Marc: What folder have you installed gpg into?

Where is Scribe installed?

Where is the scribe GPG plugin installed?
17/02/2006 6:11am

Hello All,

A while back I wrote this for our customers

maybe some of you will find it helpful.

Pär Smårs
07/03/2006 10:25am
You can also use the old version 8 of PGP. But apparently not as a plug-in, but instead use the PGP Tray application and encrypt/decrypt/key-import the content of any text editing area in any application say, Scribe, Firefox, Outlook, whatever. It works very well, actually.

For info on security issues regarding this old version, please visit:

AFAIK, version 8 was the last free version they made. It seems version 9 is a commercial only product. Although I didn't investigate it that thoroughly, so I could be wrong.
26/03/2006 5:40am
I have the same problem: cannot find GPG.
How can I tell Scribe where to find gpg?
I use gpg with Thunderbird and they work fine.
26/03/2006 9:57am
Go into the registry and find/create the folder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GNUPG", then add a string key called "gpgProgram" that contains the full path to the gpg.exe program.

Alternatively you can relocate the gnupg folder to "..\GnuPG" relitive to scribe.exe and the plugin should find it (esp v1.89 where I made it the first option).
26/03/2006 3:26pm
Thanks, fret.
Scribe now can find gpg.exe.
Now, how do I tell Scribe the location of my keyrings?
26/03/2006 9:36pm
Use the homedir option in the plugin's settings.
27/03/2006 1:22am
The Home Dir was my first trial. I wrote it as
"C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\gnupg"
That is where my GnuPG keyrings are stored. But it had no efect, so my previous post about the keyring location. Using or ommiting quotes in the directory name made no diference. No User apears in the selection box above and no key is found to encrypt messages.
27/03/2006 1:41am
That is the default keyring location so you shouldn't have to use the homedir option to get it to work.

I'd try opening up a command prompt in your gpg program folder and running:
gpg --list-secret-keys

And see what it says. That is essentially what Scribe's plugin is doing and then parsing the results into the combo box for the user to select. If that command fails then something is wrong with your setup or there isn't any private keys in your keyring or gpg can't find your keyring.
27/03/2006 4:06am
The command worked fine, so I went to review the previous steps and I found a mistake. When I created "gpgProgram" in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GNUPG" the path to the gpg.exe program didn't include the program name, just the path. After correcting it, I was able to successfully send an encrypted message.
20/06/2006 8:02am
Hi there,

I think that the test2 and test3 release of V1.89 are buggy in terms of gpg.

With these versions I get a strange message when I want to encrypt an e-mail saying: "The recipient has no public key on file.". However I can decrypt e-mails which are sent to me. But for no user I can encrypt a message.

In addition: the Scribe_GnuPG.dll was around 30k with test1 and now only 8k...

20/06/2006 8:03am
PS: Version V1.89 test1 release can encrypt messages just fine without making any change on the system (registry setting, etc.)
20/06/2006 10:22am
Can you send me your public key so I can test sending to you?
20/06/2006 11:34am
Sure. Here it is.

20/06/2006 12:54pm
Ah, fixed. I broke it when I added the "to/cc/bcc" field in the recipient list.
20/06/2006 1:01pm
Great! Thank you. :-)

Can you please remove the GPG Testkey from above? It's not needed anymore.
12/07/2006 10:59pm
Just found another thing with the GPG plugin: if you have other mail clients preparing PGP'd emails they sometimes include MIME headers. Somthing like

Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

For me it seems that the i.Scribe plugin takes the plain text file after decrypting with GPG and imports it into ehe email folder without checking for mime content, because the MIME header and unformatted(!) content are copied into i.Scribe.

Or am I doing something wrong?