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Author/Date Request - Import/Export formats
05/02/2004 6:06am
Can I make a request?
I would like to see *.eml import/export capabilities of messages.
And also ldif import/export for contact files

Is to much to ask?

05/02/2004 6:31am
.eml i/o: Drag an email to the desktop... drag it back to a folder. As explained in the help ;)

ldif: never heard of it. The standard for contacts is vCard, which Scribe supports out of the box. Also it supports multiple contacts in a CSV file.
07/02/2004 4:28am
Sorry about eml format, I didn't find information about it on the help files.

The ldif is also a standard like vcard, used by yahoo mail, netscape and I think is the standard for LDAP servers.
Do a search on google for ldif.

All the best

07/02/2004 5:06am
The eml i/o thing is in the Help section "Import/Export" under "Email". ;)
07/02/2004 6:52am
I'm just wondering if there's a way to export all folders to Outlook Express. I believe iScribe can export to .mbx, but I could find no way to import it into OE. What other clients import .mbx files? I like using iScribe, I use it on a removable HDD. But I'm just afraid I might have to settle one day. Any advise?
07/02/2004 5:27pm
Every non microsoft email client will either directly use or be able to import MBOX. It is the standard format for interchange of email between clients.

Exporting mail from Scribe to Outlook Express is covered in the (current) help file, in the section on import/export.
29/02/2004 10:57am

I know that CSV is a standard for importing/exporting a contact list
but the LDIF format is now pretty mature structured file format that
don't require the user to select the fields to export or matching that
same fields on importing.
Almost email programs can now import and export from/to this format.

What is required for POPoverHTTP to work? The server as to provided?

Another suggestion I would like to make is if the number of
(new/total) messages per folder could be displayed.
Something like:
Inbox (5/321)
Somefolder (0/133)

Also although we can change the interface language after the first
setup the folders names already are in the computer language, could
the desired language to use be asked in the first setup so that the
folders names could be generated on the language?

All the best

Keep this really good work