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Author/Date Sort by field: server received date
01/05/2002 1:01am
Sorry if this was posted elsewhere - couldn't find it.

The Date Sent field is often unreliable (time zones and whatnot).

The Date field seems to be based on when the client downloaded its copy of the message, not when your mail server received it (even if the mail server got 'em staggered across 2 hours, iScribe registers them as arriving at the same time). Any chance of getting something like [Date Received by Server] for a sort field?
01/05/2002 7:33pm
When it works properly it really does help. For instance, if you have people repling from different time zones, the replies will be in the order that they were written despite the time zone difference. This is quite apparent when reading a mailing list.

While the implementation of this may have flaws (I don't know how many formats of timezone information there is) I think it's still the right thing to do.

As for having a separate field. I guess it's possible, it's just extra weight for the app to carry around.
02/05/2002 4:09pm
IMHO the current already-built-in functionality is OK (as far as it works). There is one official standard for time/date format, but unfortunately there are still some out-of-standards mail apps.

I have just one question for freT.
In a received message header I see:
22:12:54 +0200
even tough it was sent from CET (+0100).
The additional +0100 is from summer daylight-saving time.
Is there any chance that Scribe would be sensible to this summer/winter time difference? I think that the info is somehow available through system functions in Windows. I shall tell you more, when I check it out.
02/05/2002 4:15pm
I think I didn't make myself clear enough.
The problem is that in my locale setting the timezone is CET = GMT + 0100. But Windows offers auto summer-time recognition. It then changes the time without altering the timezone. What I need in Scribe is that it recognized my local time setting and:
- added the extra +0100 to my outgoing mail;
- interpreted the time in incoming mail as if I was +0200.
In other words: Scribe should detect the actual time zone, that is with the extra offset.