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27/04/2002 4:57pm
The proggie is really great! I have strated using iScribe for receiving and reding my emails and like it a lot.

I have a few questions regarding it though:

1. I have read in the forum that there is a pop up window for new email notification - where can i enable it?

2. Is it possible to display the status window while receiving emails and hiding it when receiving is finished?

3. How does the calendar work? I would like to use it but can't seem to figure it out... I am sure it ain't rocket science but still...

Thanks a lot!
27/04/2002 5:11pm
File=> Options=>Options tab=> Popup message when new mail arrives =enable

Done! :-)

27/04/2002 7:48pm
I like the idea with the status window being visisble while recieve/send, and then automatically hides when idle, this would be optional ofcourse, so those who want still can have it the current way.
27/04/2002 7:51pm
So when we are talking about status windows and those using InScribe: it would also be nice to have the status window opened and then be able to select which account to preview. (Of course this does not apply to those using i.Scribe, for they have only one account.
28/04/2002 3:40am
- Open the calendar view by clicking the calendar icon in the toolbar.
- Double click a day to create an entry. Edit entry... click save + close when done.
- Move entry using drag and drop...
- Use cursor keys to navigate months / days in the calendar view, Page up / page down move a month at a time.

Popup the status window automatically?

Not at this time.
28/04/2002 10:02am
Thank you!

And what do the "Reminder" and "Show time" fields in the calendar do?

28/04/2002 8:14pm
Reminder: This is current not implemented, but it eventually will pop up a box the right amount of time before the calendar's first time.

Show time as: This will come into effect when looking at the calendar in the week view, which again hasn't been implemented yet.

So I've never said the calendar is complete, It's just there is enough functionality to be useful. So it's available as is, and I will continue adding to it over the next few months in the new versions.