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20/04/2002 10:13am
I just started to use the calendar, I was extatic first time I saw it appear (a couple of versions ago) but back then it was very very buggy and kept erasing entries and such so I stopped using it.

Today I was surfing for a good light PIM to schedule all the up coming world cup matches I need to see, and after an unsuccessful search I remembered i.Scribes builtin calendar, so I fired it up and did some testing, and after trying it now I must say it's an excellent piece of calendar.

Hope to see it continue evolve.
21/04/2002 6:51am
totally agreed
I use the calendar on a daily basis. It's amazingly easy.
But.. .there's that option "show time as..." and I can't see it workin. Perhaps it applies only to reminder which I don't use. I hoped that it would be somewhat marked on the calendar view.
21/04/2002 10:39am
Argh! Was a tad early on the trigger there. Had a peek in my calendar today, only to see that all my entries had gone blank, i.scribe seemed to be kind enough to keep the entries, but all info (subject, notes, date, etc) is gone, so I have 14 blank entries now, that took awhile to put in there =(

I did have some corruption when I ran a compact yesterday or so, but there was a "Fix" button there, and I've never had corruption before so that must mean there is something whacky with the calendar stuff.

Cyco = Sad.
21/04/2002 6:10pm
I'm sorry to hear your folders nuked the calendar entries. It's true that earlier versions didn't keep the calendar entries on compact, but short of folder corruption they entries should be fine.

The 'fix' button on the compact error message is pretty nasty, because it only appears when 2 objects are using the same space in the folder file. So the 'fix' means deleting the content of 1 of the objects to restore validity. So what probably happened is that the calendar objects we're being overlapped by other objects and thus when you 'fixed' them in the compact their content was assumed to be invalid.

Do you get many crashes?

It would be nice to work out what causes the compact errors. You could even do some simple tests.
  • Compact. Receive mail. Compact -> see if it errors.
  • Compact. Create a calendar item. Receive new mail. Compact -> see if it errors.
  • Compact. Create a calender item. Add info to a contact. Compact -> see if it errors.

    You get the idea.
  • Cyco
    22/04/2002 9:25am
    Tested like crazy, unable to get it to corrupt or bug out again.

    I don't get any crashes, this is my first folder corruption and it have never crashed on me, but the calendar have removed entries before (but back then they just dissapeared, no corruption error or such) but that was in the very first release that featured the calendar.

    I'll continue to test, I tested it in a similar fashion prior to resuming usage before, and it didn't bug out, so I probably need to recieve some spam, remove it, empty trash, etc before it happens, I'll do my best to be able to report what I do prior to the calendar entries die.