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19/04/2002 5:19am
for the most part I detest Return receipts: I hate the way people try to send a return receipt so that they can then phone you up, knowing you're around.

99.9999% of the time I would never ever use them, but there are occasions, just the odd one or two in every 100 or so emails (ok so that's not 99% I know!) - that it would be very useful:

email a client to inform them that I have sent their project into beta and that they have 14 days to comment/find bugs/rant/die/ etc... It'd be amazingly useful to know that they have read the email in such cirumstances.

What would be the overhead to implimenting it - would it be a big job?

I realise that it's yet another "if only you could add it.." feature. But maybe, if it's relatively simple to include you could add it down the line in development?