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19/04/2002 3:53am
hi FreT,
thanks again for the previuous fix... now I've some problems, more important, to show to you!
1) about Ldap: I'm working on a Ldap server with few accounts trying some software (even openLdap) but where queryes made by other clients work well Scribe tell me "re-attempting connection" and the list is empty... is Scribe searching in the root ? What's the format of attributes Scribe need to work with Ldap ?
2)if you attach a file which is open, in the same time, by a related application the receiver cannot open the file because is empty or full of AA's;
3)sometimes I have problems while receiving messages with other messages as attachment (such forward by netscape) because some of them are unreadable with scribe but readable with outlook and others.
Yes, I know, this is a little bit more difficult than the previous message... :-)))
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards

01/05/2002 10:26pm

I've been working on this for you. And I've released a new version of the Ldap client. So you should go and check out the page, I've listed the fields that I search for and also added a new field that the open source servers seem to like listing the email address under.
02/05/2002 5:19am
wow! I've seen the news about Ldap server, this is a great news... I hope to try it asap!
Great job, thanks a lot!!!
Best regards