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13/10/2003 6:22am

Is it possible to use Microsoft Global IME to input, say, Chinese characters in i.Scribe?

13/10/2003 7:57am
I think so, I added IME support a few tests ago.

Japanese works, so Chinese probably will as well.

However I had one user report that it didn't work for them. So it's not perfect yet.
16/10/2003 1:56am
I am using English Win98 SE with MS Global IME 5.02.

I can copy Chinese text (entered via MSWord 2000) to i.Scribe but I cannot directly input Chinese text using IME. Is this possible, I mean, Chinese IME under English Windows? So far, the applications that I know that can do this are: MSOffice 2000 and up, and Mozilla Web Browser.
16/10/2003 2:05am
Well maybe you should mail me your test case and I'll go through it on my machine and see what happens.

Basically I want a set of instructions and keypresses to try out and preferable a screenshot of what the string should look like (I only know english).

IME support is there, but I've found the IME api to be pretty buggy. It's surprising it works at all.
16/10/2003 5:32am
I think international support is working in i.Scribe, since I am able to view Chinese characters in it. Now, my problem is that, I cannot use the MS IME to enter Chinese characters directly into i.Scribe.

When an IME-capable application like MSWord2000 or Internet Explorer 5.x is launched, an icon will appear at the taskbar bearing the "En" characters. When you click on this, you will be able to choose between different types of input editor (in my PC, that will be English, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified)). But when using i.Scribe, only the English method appears.

16/10/2003 8:58am
I can't install the chinese IME for some reason. Doesn't like win2k it seams. :(