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Author/Date Attachments in spam email deleted and email removed from ISP's account
28/11/2014 4:11pm
I am running v1.90 of InScribe - the paid version. I have been using the Baysian filtering system so some emails are automatically dumped in spam. These are not necessarily spam and I check and move the good ones to inbox. Which is OK, but a legit email wrongly categoried as Spam by the filter, has lost its attachment. Which in this instance is the important bit. So, I went to the webmail but find that all the emails classified as spam by InScribe have been removed. I am not at all happy with this but dont see how to fix it. Any suggestions?
28/11/2014 4:30pm
The attachments are gone from the local copy and can't be restored. If you have "leave mail on server" switched on you can probably use the Account preview function to re-download the email (with attachments). However you'll want to go and turn the Bayesian filter mode to "Training Mode" where the possibly junk email get quarantined to a folder other than "Spam". In this mode you don't lose attachments and you can sort through what is and isn't spam.

I'll make the "Live Mode" warn users about the attachment thing.
28/11/2014 5:04pm
Thanks for the very quick response. OK, I'll set it to training mode. However, I don't think attachments in the spam folder should be automatically deleted. My other problem though is that all the emails categorised as spam by InScribe have been deleted from the webmail, so I cant go back and retrieve anything. I do have InScribe set to leave emails on server.

By the way, I found your email in spam too!
28/11/2014 5:10pm
The leave mail on server setting in the receive page of the account settings. I usually leave mail on the server for 7 days, just in case something happens. It also means I can read mail from several computers without any special sharing of folders setup.

All the non-spam should be moved back to your inbox to help the filter correct the word counts. Don't just delete them from the spam folder.
28/11/2014 5:11pm
Does the webmail have it's own internal trash?
28/11/2014 6:37pm
Sorry - I dont seem to have made myself clear. I do have the setting to leave mail on the server set. It works fine for incoming mails that InScribe allocates to Inbox. They stay on the server for as long as I want. My problem is that emails classified as Spam by InScribe disappear from the mail on the server. I can find no evidence to suggest that the server software makes any attempt to identify spam - there is a folder called spam but it is always empty. Therefore I have to conclude InScribe is causing the deletions to the server mail. In my opinion that is a serious flaw in an otherwise good product. Or am I missing something?

Thanks Carol
01/12/2014 11:19am
This is what I'm going to do in the next release:

The "delete attachments" and "delete from server" will default to Off.
03/12/2014 12:35pm
That looks excellent. Do you have any estimate of when that will be released? Thanks
04/12/2014 8:02am
The v2.0.64 build has the new options. It's available now.
04/12/2014 8:04am
If you install that new build, I recommend backing up your mail2 folders, and migrating to mail3 folders (File -> Upgrade Mail Stores). The new format doesn't get corrupted as easily.

However the v2 builds will need a v2 InScribe key. I suspect you still have a v1 key? Anyway the upgrade to v2 is 50% off the normal price of InScribe.