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Author/Date deleting messages from the sent folder
16/04/2002 3:49am
If I delete any message from the "sent" folder, it disappear rather than be moved into the trash. I have v1.63 and Win98SE.
16/04/2002 8:08am
Gee one mans feature is another mans bug.

Seriously someone requested it to work that way and seeing as I don't care I implemented it. So it's by design.

If you have some compelling argument against it I'll change it back.
16/04/2002 8:50am
I'm really sorry...I thought it was a bug! Sorry again
17/04/2002 4:36am
imho: good feature
01/06/2002 1:54pm
Hmm... so why just dont get rid of the whole trashcan? Its not very logical imho!!
01/06/2002 7:34pm
The trash has saved my butt a few times, deleting something by accident and then quickly jumping into the trash to retreive it.
03/06/2002 4:58am
and exactly THIS is the reason for having this functionality ALSO for the "sent items" folder!! :-))