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15/04/2002 11:11pm
One more question! I've tried unsuccessfully to copy text and paste it in mail I'm sending from iScribe. I use Ctrl/C and Ctrl/V. I also can't copy and paste email addresses into the address book. Is this a function that doesn't work with the program, or am I trying to do it the wrong way? I have v. 1.61.

Thanks for your help.
16/04/2002 3:45am
Yes, I told fReT about this bug, he fixed it in v1.62
16/04/2002 11:43am
Thanks! Obviously it's time for me to update! Next question: if I put the new version in the same directory as the current one, will it access the existing mail folder for current settings, mail in my inbox, addresses in my address book, etc? Or, will I have to start over?
16/04/2002 12:23pm
Yes, it does! Updating Scribe is that simple! Great client, ain't it?
Good luck!
17/04/2002 4:35am
all your data is in folders file.
when you download scribe there is no folders file attached, so there's no risk in unzippin it right to your scribe directory.