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15/04/2002 7:41am
I know that you can change the toolbar and folder icons but has anyone made their own that they'd like to share?


incidentally, any chance that at some point in the future the ability to replace individual folder icons could be implimented:

I have seveal mailboxes that automatically deliver to different "in boxes" it'd be great to be able to colour those and maybe all my "internal" email differently?
15/04/2002 8:14am
Ah yes, I used to have a skins section on the old site... but it got lost in the transfer. However I have reinstated it on the Scribe page. So if you want I can add more skins there. Actually that'd be cool.

As for custom folder icons it's possible but smells of bloatware to me. Scribe runs a fine line between features and size. It still kinda irks me that it's grown by 250% since it started (@~200kb in '98). Ok so you can use it day to day now, but still size matters.
17/04/2002 5:11am
"...but size matter"

if you only knoew the amount of women that have said that to me...!



actually for the different folder icons I was just thinking of something simple like being able to create a alternate folder icon or a list of alternates - (i'm not a coder) but would that increase the code size a lot?

If, you think it's too much to do - fair enough, just mentioned it as a "nice to have"

17/04/2002 5:45am
Is there anything we should be aware of when creating new toolbars/icons?

are there any other file formats that are supported (other than gif)

17/04/2002 6:49pm
Don't use the pixel at 0,0 as it's the color for transparent.

Other file formats are supported, but scribe only tries to load the exact file name, which kinda negates the format support. Which I could support PNG (JPEG wouldn't work... lossy) it would add more to the code size than support for GIF as the zlib decompressor is larger than the LZH decompressor used by GIF.
15/05/2002 10:52am
What about order/size specs for us lazy folk? ;)