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27/03/2002 9:33am
During drawing line operation, sometimes its impossible to see
actual position of strech-line due to wrong raster operation.
It (always ?) shows white color on white (or bright) background.

I use this excellent (especially due to small size) editor with
sketches, working drawings and for other tech. design images.
So this feature is very significant for me.

Also it would be nice sometimes to swith off zoom or normal panell,
or utilize unused space of panel instruments taken by parameters.

It would be nice if I-Mage could share registered extention
with other appliactions, without taking away their control.

Also please check functionality of Save and New operation.
It seems that thosme methods do not check status of changed file.

But let me metion again - the smal size is the best argument for
choice of this program.
Matthew Allen
27/03/2002 7:25pm
Wrong raster op:
It's a fairly standard problem, esp. with 8bit images, I could change the rubber banding to always be visible.

Switching off panels:
Yeah makes sense... when I get time.

Share registered extensions?
image associates itself with the extensions you ask it to. So it's up to you what app you want to open when you double click a file. I don't understand what ''sharing'' an extension means?

Save/New checking changed status:
I'll fix that.

28/03/2002 11:51am
I mean if some applicatoion too the control,
(I mean this is already registred extention)
is it possible to assign I.Mage as an additional
application in explorier menu to work with ?

01/04/2002 7:29am
I don't think so.

You only get 1 default application that opens when the file type is double clicked.

You can however put other commands on the menu like "print", "edit" etc that are never default. i.Mage could write itself into these.
09/05/2003 9:11pm

I assume you know that in Win98 (95 too?) you can Shift-rightclick to bring up an "Open With" option, allowing you to select other apps. Win2k has that built in. If memory serves, there are also Context Menu add-ons that will do the same thing for Win9x without using the Shift key.