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12/04/2002 6:14am
Just downloaded 1.63, besides the bug fixes (these bugs must be very well hidden because I haven't encountered a bug since 1.5x something, or perhaps earlier) I love the new mail notification window, so my question is :

What's planned?

We have excellent access to see what you've fixed so far in unreleased versions, which is great and really appreciated from my side, but in addition to that it'd be even greater if you could have some .plan thingy or roadmap, where you fill us eager users in on what to expect perhaps a couple of versions ahead. No deadlines or dates, just what ideas you got in your genious brain for future i.scribe releases.

1.63 rocks.
12/04/2002 8:39am

Well a roadmap, lets see.
- The calendar feature needs fleshing out. A week view with calendar entries as blocks of time would be nice. Also the reminder thing needs implementing. After that I'd like to put together a server component to allow people on the network to see each other's calendars and organise meetings together. Groupware like.
- The linux port is ready to go, so I'd like to see that reach alpha. There is still a fair bit of work to go. Mostly in the multi-threading and network parts.
- Scalability could use some work. For instance when you get 5000 or so email in the same folder Scribe starts loading the folder too slowly... or appears to hang while it reads the folder in. Also large folder files come with more material to lose if their get corrupted. So I'm toying with the idea different types of storage, or even palming the storage of data off onto some other peice of software like MySQL.
- The UI would benifit from being more customisable, in terms of choosing the location of type of the panes in the main window for instance. I'd like to be able to move a lot of the applications main window and sub windows into the file so that it's customisable. At the moment all the dialogs can be rewritten, although I don't suggest you do, because the code relies upon certain things being there but imagine being able to add and delete buttons off the toolbars by editing, that'd be neat.
- At some point I'd like to go back through the code and see what areas can be made more elegant. At one stage I did a mock up of one possible v2 architecture but it never got off the ground. Still the ideas have merit even if I don't have the time to do it right now.
- I'd like to be able to put SOCKS5 and SSL into plugins for connecting to the network. That'd be cool. This would make the way open for people to implement custom connection plugins for interesting types of networks like say IPX, IPv6 and so on, that Scribe doesn't support natively.

Anyway, I'd also like to get into some other projects that I've got going in the background, like my little movie player app and i.Mage. So a lot of the stuff above is just blue sky type material.

We'll see what happens.
12/04/2002 10:33am
Beautifull! the popup notification box! YEAH!
A small movie player? I cann't hardly wait to kick the windows media player and use yours!

Keep the work going..i'm introducing your Inscribe in our office instead of Outlook.
Inscribe is small,stable,quick and safe.
That's what I like and the suer interface is just perfect!

12/04/2002 1:40pm
well, 1.63 is not completely bugless.

One thing that makes me really nervous is that the sending log is unavailable (and the 'Error' status!!). freT told me that the log is accessible, if I don't check my mail in the session. But it doesn't work either way.

Recently I had to sent an important letter. It came out that it was not sent successfully. A log would do me good.

Let me just notice that there was no such bug in 1.5x versions. There were two separate channels: in and out.
12/04/2002 1:43pm
please, excuse my previous post... pointless complaining.

fret has promised me that both bugs will be fixed in the next ver.
12/04/2002 5:44pm
Unless something has gone wrong, v1.63 should have fixed the 'error' status and you should be able to see the send log.

Well at least straight after you have initiated the SMTP connection. It selects the most recent of the send or receive to display. So send the mail and click on the account for status and it should be there in the log.
13/04/2002 7:15am
Yup, everything is working great.
My 1.63 had a bug, because it was the test build you sent me.
I should update more often.