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04/06/2003 10:36am
now that Zeta (yellow Tab's upgrade of Beos 5) is nearly ready for release.
Is there any chance Scribe might be available once more on this Fantastic Platform. (BTW: I've come to completely loathe linux)

BEOS rox my world... a truly great OS
04/06/2003 6:56pm
We'll see.

Personally I think Zeta is going sideways rather than foward with the BeOS codebase. And it's probably still miles behind the market leaders (Linux/Win32).

I can understand your frusttration with Linux, so many parts are still woefully inadaquate, but it's free and it's the largest competition for Windows that I can see. So I'm getting behind it simply to do my bit to eat away at the monopoly.

If people really wanted a Zeta port of Scribe, and there was enough of them then I would do it. But there would have to be maybe 50-100 of them and I wouldn't want to shell out the cash for the OS ($120 AUD?). I don't have spare money to throw around - mortgage/kid/car/guitars etc ;)

It would take maybe a few months to get working, and because I can't use as my day to day OS it may not get the same through going over that the Linux and Win32 ports get. But hey, it'd work.

Btw I'm seriously trying to port OpenBFS to windows as a file in a volume type storage backend for Scribe. This would mean that I could use all the fantastic indexing and database qualities of the file system, not to mention the transactional nature and extended attributes. Although I do worry about the block waste. Anyway it hasn't worked yet so it's still just a posibility. I find it quite ironic that I shunned the whole global mail store in BeOS all those years (to provide XP support) only to recreate it for Scribe now. Hehehe, although I will probably use a binary format for the contents of the files rather than an rfc822 image. The reason being that attachment storage is very inefficent (33% wasted). So decoding to binary for some segments is worth it.