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Author/Date Save file problem
27/03/2002 8:32am
Its impossible for loaded file
make simple save operation.

For the first savinf you should
select the name before (like in SaveAs).

Is it Possibe to fix this bag ?
Matthew Allen
27/03/2002 7:21pm
I'm not sure what you mean.

When I create a new graphic in image and click "save" I get a file save dialog to choose where to save the file. Is this what you mean? It seems to work for me.

Maybe if you describe the actions you took to make the bug show itself, and descibe in more detail what you expected to happen I can help you.
28/03/2002 3:47am
It's quite simple.
If u opened existing file with I.Mage,
made any action and want to save changes,
the program dialog ask u to type filename,
similar to save a new file.

U should exactly know what the filename
was overwise u can override another file.