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Author/Date bug? disappearing new emails
08/04/2002 4:57am
i seems to have developed a bugette?

Started scribe this morning and it checked my primary mailbox (got 6 set up to check), mail came in and my inbox showed 4 new mail (in the brackets), I opened up the first one, read it and then closed it

The rest of the mail had gone - I checked the 5 filters I have set up to see if it had been moved into another folder, but no - it's just gone!

(luckily, I've scribe set to leave mail on the server, because for work reason I need to still use Outlook express occasionally - actually I use scribe all the time, but once or twice a week I open up OE to download all the messages from the server so that i can archive them according to our office regs.)

I've had this a couple of times since upgrading to 1.62 but I thought it just me losing track of things and not paying attention (things would appear in the inbox then disappear even if I didn't open any mail)

it only seems to happen with my default mailbox (but that is the only mail box that delivers to the inbox as my other accounts get filtered into different incoming folders)

any suggestions as to what the problem might be, or how I can resolve it?
08/04/2002 8:31am
Sounds nasty.

Make a backup of your folders and then compact them. If you get some errors during the compact then I'd say your experiencing the result of corrupt folders. After a compact the folders are officially 'ok'. If scribe gets the size of an object wrong on disk occasionally the objects will overlap. The compact identifies this and removes the contention (after asking nicely, as it does damage the data).

If the folders compact cleanly then it's something else and needs to be addressed with the highest priority.

At this stage I have no idea what it could be but you have my full attention. Bugs like this are 'critical'.
09/04/2002 7:23am
compacted my mailbox (recovered the most ever nearly 6Mb!) without a problem or error.

it hasn't done it today (but I've only received 3 emails thus far)

will keep an eye on it and try to track it down in more detail.