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08/04/2002 3:41am

Are there known bugs with importing from Outlook? I'm trying to import a 20,000+ message inbox from Outlook into i.Scribe (because Outlook doesn't seem to scale well at all) and it imports about a thousand or so messages and then the import window just disappears and I need to restart i.Scribe before I can see the emails that were successfully imported. I'm importing from Outlook XP. I would really like to buy InScribe since it looks to be a very efficient and fast client but if I can't get my messages into it, I am still stuck with Outlook. Thanks.

08/04/2002 5:01am
yeah had similar problems myself, had a bit of an ordeal importing from outlook express, so tried exporting to Outlook 2000 and then exporting from Outlook 2000 into scribe.

Neither worked, and both times did the same thing, imported abou 1000 or so and then fell over.. occasionally though would import them all but wrongly so that every mail was from me (my incoming mail address) which was a bit wierd.

in the end i just gave up, and left my archive in OE and use that when I need to find something pre -scribe use.

(interesting though, I always though OE and Outlook would scale very well, but I too found that it didn't - when I would open either OE or outlook I'd have to wait [literally] about 1-2 minutes before I could use it while it did stuff in the background)
08/04/2002 8:27am
It sounds like a memory problem, are you noticing that Scribe is eating up memory while importing?

I used to have access to unlimited amounts of Outlook data to import, but also no more. As I don't use Outlook it's mail boxes are empty on my home machine.

Just to clarify, does Scribe crash or hang?

Also when an email is created but doesn't get it's content set it defaults to being 'from' you... part of the create email process, thats why messages that fail to import appear to be from yourself. Also if an email is set correctly but not saved (due to crash or whatever) the same thing happens.

08/04/2002 1:19pm
This time I sat around to watch it work instead of getting a cup of coffee. The program gobbles up memory initially from around 8MB to just a little under 30MB. It might go up or down depending if it was processing an attachment. At some point (around the 1500th message), it just started speeding up so that it was processing something ridiculous like 30 messages per second. The import doesn't crash or hang either itself or i.Scribe but just quits after it thinks it has imported all the messages.
Matthew, do you think you'll have time to look into this in the near future? I'd just like to know so as to see whether I should keep trying to find a client that can completely import all my Outlook messages as I don't like the idea of Outlook holding my messages hostage. Thanks!
29/04/2002 1:22pm
Hi all,

I run the Outlook Express version that shipped with IE 6. iScribe crashes when importing. Is it known when iScribe will be able to import messages from Outlook Express 6.x safely? I'd really like to get rid of OE.

06/05/2002 4:51am
I was trying to move data from OE to Scribe and uncovered some limits on folder sizes.
See also Importing from Outlook Express.

Early on in the process I had tried to import OE to Outlook 97 to Scribe. I discovered that messages sent as HTML mail show up as zero size messages with apparently correct date and sender information. When importing from OE directly to Scribe I get the "Launch HTML" button on the HTML tab, but not when importing from Outlook 97.

Best to you,