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Author/Date Very close to perfection & some requests?
01/05/2003 9:12am

I must say this is THE mail client I really enjoy working with. Scribe is definatly in my list of 'best' mail clients! I've been actively trying and checking out all e-mail clients for years, even the extremely hard to find one's. ZorMail is one client I've been using a lot, but Scribe beats it with it's speed, looks and the way it works! Scribe is my #1! I love your style, a lot! Thanks!

There are several things I'd still like to see in Scribe to make it even nicer to use. These are small details but quite important to myself. Here's a little list:

- Columns forget their placement.
(I would very like Scribe to remember this)

- Options, unable to reach while it's checking mail.
(not that big a deal though)

- Preview pane is completely gray when no mail is selected.
(It would look very good if the area was white, just like the way when there's an e-mail selected)

- Password protect certain e-mail folders
(I've seen this option only in Zormail, very very handy)

Again, I am so happy with Scribe.. I certainly recommend it to all I know that will be interested! Great job on the frequent updates as well, that's quite an important aspect!

Looking forward to hearing from you, Fret (Matthew?)

Best wishes,

01/05/2003 9:58am
Oh one more thing I noticed..

When 'composing' a new e-mail, would it be possible to have the "FROM" option stick open and let it remember this? Currently you have to click the + to open it.. those that would not want it to stick open can leave it minimized, Scribe could just 'remember' that.

Just tiny things.. that would improve comfort a lot.

btw. If you need any help, testing or whatnot, you could let me know.
02/05/2003 9:58am

So all of the sudden Columns do remember their position.. sweet! Strange though.

I guess that's one down ! haha
03/05/2003 2:50pm
Another thing I noticed..

CPU's seem to run at 100% - 99% when running Scribe.. now I was thinking about what is causing this.. might be mail checking, but the counters that count down to check mail seem to be quite a bust for the CPU..

Just making this my thread.. hehe..
06/05/2003 6:12am

Any comments? Thoughts? I'd like to know.
07/05/2003 1:46am
Preview Pane Greyness: This is because the view window is created by the email, and changes between text and HTML for each mail. So when there is nothing selected there is no view. Seems Ok to me... it's just a style thing, not a function thing.

Password Protected Folders: This is a option I can add later. Currently I'm persuing extra stability.

Sticky "From" Tab: This had been requested so many times I've lost count. Yes, one day I'll get around to it. Anything that I wouldn't use doesn't get the same priority ;)

CPU at 100%: I've not seen this on Win32 before unless Scribe is actually doing something (loading/saving/decoding). The Linux build had an issue like this for the first few releases but I thought it was fixed in the last one. Anyway, doesn't happen for me.
07/05/2003 8:42am
Hey Fret,

Thanks for responding! I didnt notice the request for the +From tab, sorry!

Yeah the preview pane is indeed just a matter of style, and taste, certainly no biggie. It's good to know you're working on stability, when that's achived.. maybe features :)

Yes it's quite strange it runs at 100%, I am very sure this happens when receiving e-mail. I forgot to notice, but yes I do run the win32 version on a freshly installed Windows with no antivirus scanner or other programs running on the background.

Installing newer instances of scribe dont seem to help. But like I previously said, could this be caused by the counter?
08/05/2003 12:10am
The counter can't cause that sort of CPU usage... one of the worker threads can though. I'll keep an eye out for it..
12/05/2003 9:15am