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Author/Date SSL Support?
01/04/2003 7:08am
I was just curious as to if there were any plans to include SSL support in i.Scribe in the future via the free SSL libraries so secure email accounts could be checked. This was never much of an issue in the past, but it seems now that lots of mail servers are going secure only, both of mine have recently! There don't seem to be any small stand-alone email apps that can check secure accounts, so I just thought i'd ask. Thanks in advance

01/04/2003 6:14pm
Have you tried the SSL Plugin? It's been available for quite some time.
01/04/2003 7:33pm
Is there a way to allow SSL only on recieving mail? My mail server only requires it for recieving, but not sending mail...weirdo's :) Thanks!

01/04/2003 7:46pm
Not in the freeware product.

With InScribe you could just setup 2 accounts, one for sending and one for receiving, and configure the SSL only on the receiving one.

I might get around to fixing it for i.Scribe. But I'm pretty busy at the moment.