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19/11/2012 5:27am
I'm using iFTP version 2.21 on a Windows 7 netbook (x86). Everything is working fine, except for two things:

1) If I click the "view hidden files button" and use that button later to hide the files again, I get the following error message: "8d8d5750: unknown module". iFTP then closes, after saving that message to iftp.txt. I tried it a second time, and the response was "0000046d: iftp.exe", also saved to that crash log.

2) I am using the same filename for the connection status log that I used in a much earlier version, but for some reason the current version will not write to the specified file, or anywhere else. It can be viewed in the log pane during the session, of course, but cannot be copied to the clipboard.

19/11/2012 6:18am
OK, I just eliminated both of those bugs by downgrading to version 2.11. I don't know what was added in the newer version, and haven't noticed that any features are missing, at least so far.
04/02/2019 5:31am
I'm back to using version 2.21 of FileTeePee, but I've just noticed mention of version 2.22 with no download link, as well as a 3.0 beta, but again, no download link. Is FileTeePee still being developed?