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Author/Date .png & .jpeg encoder libraries
26/03/2003 4:28am
What do this download do? I'd thought it might render .png and .jpeg attachments into the message body of a received e-mail (if that was how the e-mail had formatted them); after putting the unzipped "scribe extra" folder containing those libraries into the Scribe directory, and when that didn't work, into the System32 directory, there was no change: Scribe still views .jpg attachments separately, and in place of the attachment within message body of the e-mail there is code instead.

Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of this download, or perhaps I am not correctly installing it, which, since I've little knowledge of technical matters, is quite possible.
26/03/2003 6:51am
The dll's add the ability to decode GIF and JPEG attachments for the HTML control.

Openning an attachment is no different, it still opens in the external viewer / editor.
25/07/2003 2:05am
I have a similar problem actually.... It doesn't Show the jpg/png when viewing the mail inside scribe (the html plugin is enabled)... It displays the image missing 'x' :)
The Library Files are in the scribe folder. And I tried in system32 also...

Anyhoo... Great!!! Program, keep up the good work!