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Author/Date clean OS reinstall - will InScribe still work as normal?
03/04/2002 8:14pm
well since I love i.FTP so much, i'm going to give Scribe (and eventually InScribe) a shot.

my question - if i wanted to, can i simply burn the Scribe folder to a CD-R, wipe my HD clean, reinstall the OS, all my apps, and the Scribe folder back onto the HD without any interruptions?

i couldn't get Eudora to do that properly, and it pissed me off to say the least. i copied the Application Data/Qualcomom/Eudora folder over and I still had probs.

thanks for any help..
03/04/2002 9:30pm
Yes, everything Scribe needs in the the folder that you installed it into.

It's one of the features I'm proud of, my install has lasted through 4 or 5 OS reinstalls, without blinking an eyelid.

All software should be like this.
04/04/2002 12:47am

since i've just downloaded it and have been playing with it, i'm assuming you just point the file to where you old mail was kept as it prompts you on startup?

a couple things come to mind on first use:

i had trouble connecting because the program didn't let me know i had not specified a username (i left it blank purposely to see what type of error messages would appear). however, it just now DID popup an alert when trying to SEND mail without certain items being setup.

after clicking Receive mail, nothing happened. if the Status window was not there (i had already clicked on it to show it down below), one would assume that i didn't receive any mail. nothing shows in the progress bar (obviously because it's not connecting). but maybe an alert could pop up stating you haven't entered a username for receiving mail?

seems like a great program. i wish the freebie version had a trial timeout on the filters option, because i'd like to see that in action. i have about 15 mailboxes in Eudora.

the only thing i'm not seeing is the ability to search through your email and find messages. oh wait - if i right click on Mailbox, I see find. but what if i didn't right click on it? it's not in the menu nor in the help. i notice that if i continuously right click and choose Find, multiple find windows will pop up. This is kind of a handy feature to search multiple things at the same time.. sort of.. :) hmm..

questions: Error is greyed out next to status. i'm taking it there isn't an error, but if one does arise, it'll be black? because double clicking on the account goes from Error being greyed out, to Connecting to Server (and Init in the progress) back to error being greyed out (checking for mail i'm assuming).

if the server times out, how does the program respond? i can't really test that situation. :)

thanks for the quick responses, Matthew.

by the way, works like a champ in XP without having to jump to Win98 or 2K.

04/04/2002 5:11pm
It's more dangerous to not specify a name for sending, because then other people don't know who they are receiving mail from. But if you don't get mail because you havn't set up the parameters, it's no big deal... it doesn't effect anyone else. But I guess I could put some checking in.

The greyed out error in the status shouldn't be there. If should say 'waiting' or something.

Time limited trials of features are hard to implement because someone will always find a way around them.

If the server times out I think eventually the socket drops the connection and scribe will go into it's normal unconnected state, at which point your welcome to try again. The account should be marked with a red status indicating that the last connection had an error.
05/04/2002 2:12am
The greyed 'Error' Status is what I was talking about in my post:
"Error Status on successful send?"