FileTeePee (formerly "i.Ftp") is a little graphical FTP/SFTP client, which does what I need in an FTP client without the size and fuss. I originally wrote it to be the first freeware graphical client for BeOS, but someone beat me to it by a few days and well nobody notices who comes 2nd.

Source is available so if you want to fix that glaring bug and just tinker with it by all means, hack away. FileTeePee is hosted on BitBucket and the checkout goes something like this:
hg clone Code/Lgi/trunk
hg clone CodeLib/libssh
hg clone Code/FileTeePee/trunk

FileTeePee is designed to work from portable media like USB keys as well. It doesn't store anything in the registry and will find it's resource files and options via relative paths. A full install is about 900kb so it doesn't eat up much space on your portable storage. If you don't need SFTP support then you can delete libssh.dll and libeay32.dll to make it even smaller!


Language Code Age Author(s)
English (en) [Native] Matthew Allen
Turkish (tr) [Added v2.22, 11-Mar-2011] Kamilovic (kamilovic1975 AT mynet DOT com)
Swedish (sv) [Added v2.00, 14-Mar-2007] Scott Maguire (lochmaddy AT gmail DOT com)
Portuguese (pt) [Added v2.00, 13-Mar-2007] Luis Bastos (luisbastos DOT programaslivres AT gmail DOT com)
Russian (ru) [Added v1.99, 6-Mar-2006] Natasha Kazak (natalik AT hotmail DOT com)
Dutch (nl) [Added v1.97, 22-Nov-2005] Bardo Brunink (bardog AT hetnet DOT nl)
German (de) [Added v1.85, 22-Feb-2005] Philipp Krieger (philipp.krieger AT web DOT de)
Farsi (fa) [Added v1.85, 1-Dec-2004]
French (fr) [Added ???]
(For information on translation the software see this)

Forum and Reporting bugs:

If you have an issue with FileTeePee or want to talk about it there is a forum here.


Windows x32
OSX x32
../data/iftp-win32-v2.21.exe missing!

Installer (With SFTP)
../data/iftp-win32-v220.exe missing!

Dmg (With SFTP)
../data/iftp-mac-v220.dmg missing!

../data/ missing!


3.0 [Beta]

Rewrite to better support porting to user interface APIs that are strictly single threaded.
  • Removed all UI class pointers from the worker thread.
  • Removed all references to the IFtp connection class from the UI classes.
  • All communication between the UI and the FTP worker thread is now via message.
  • Re-wrote the log window to use a thread safe text control so that the user can copy messages, errors and file names out of the log if needed. There is still colour coding of the reads, writes and errors.
  • Re-branded to "FileTeePee" to avoid a name collision with another earlier software.
  • The overwrite dialog now works with uploads as well as downloads.
  • New icon to match memecode branding changes.
  • Fixed clearing the filter not showing previously filtered items.
  • Added menu and keyboard shortcut for focusing the filter edit box (Ctrl+F).
  • Added menu and keyboard shortcut for refreshing the list views (F5).
  • Feature: Sync folders. The propose of this feature is to keep the remote side up to date with the local.
    • Once activated changing folders on either side, local or remote, will try and track the same change on the opposite side.
    • Also any locally modified files will be uploaded with overwrite enabled.
  • The default action for "Create Folder" is to also enter that folder. However "create [and not enter]" is also available.
  • Better architecture for cancelling operations for the user interface. The "cancel" propagates down to the socket layer, instead of relying on events and timeouts.
  • [Mac] better native look and feel.
  • Double clicking an account in the connect dialog starts a connection immediately.
  • Added FTPS support (aka FTP with TLS).
2.22 [Stable]
2.21 [Stable]
2.20 [Stable]
2.11 [Stable]
2.10 [Unstable]
2.00 [Stable]
1.99 [Stable]
1.98 [Stable]
1.97 [Stable]
1.96 [Stable]
1.95 [Stable]
1.91 [Stable]
1.90 [Stable]
1.85 [Stable]
1.84 [Stable]
1.83 [Stable]
1.82 [Stable]
1.81 [Unstable]
1.80 [Unstable]
1.77 [Stable]
1.76 [Stable]
1.75 [Unstable]
1.70 [Stable]
1.60 [Stable]
1.52 [Stable]
1.51 [Unstable]
1.50 [Unstable]
1.41 [Alpha]
1.30 [Alpha]