Midi Foot-controller Update
Date: 14/6/2011
Tags: axefx
Last night I investigated whether I could compile and flash the ROM from Windows7 64bit. The compiling side was fine, I could build the binary but the program I was using to flash that binary onto the AVR chip via the parallel port doesn't work on Windows7-64bit. Which isn't to say you can't do AVR development on Win7 but it just means that different software is needed. On XP I've been using PonyProg2000 with a lot of success.

On the hardware front, I wired up all the pots to the test harness and checked they were applying the right voltage to the analog pins. I've soldered those onto the PCB traces and not the pads because it's a pain removing wires from pads and then trying to get the solder out and put something else in.

Software wise I have re-written the menu and not everything is hooked up at the moment. So I spent some time uncommented some sections of the controller code and got them compiling with the new menu layout. The structure of things in memory (both RAM and EEPROM) has changed to make things more flexible and those changes need to be propagated out to all the rest of the code. (Parts that didn't compile originally have been commented out). Also I put together a Visual Studio 2005 project for the desktop version of the controller.

And I'm loving zip ties at the moment... they make things so much more organized.
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