Foot Controller Setup Menu
Date: 7/6/2011
Tags: axefx
So last night I rewrote the setup menu of the Axefx Footcontroller software. Basically before it was very simple, had one level of editing where you could scroll through all the parameters fairly easily. However you were quite limited in what you could do with the IA buttons (send one CC) and knob parameters (send one CC). Also the "Amp Mode" has hard coded. Also it was hard coded to 3 IA buttons, not flexible if there were more than that.

The new menu system has much more flexibility. Basically you have 5 levels of menus, I know it sounds like a lot, but it's manageable. The first level is simply picking between the pre-preset settings and the global settings. In the preset settings, you have 3 sections for the IA buttons, and the "grouping" setting for making the IA's mutually exclusive. Inside the IA button settings you now have 2 commands (limited by the EEPROM memory in the current AVR), where each command (4 bytes) is one of:
  • None - send no command
  • CC - send a CC between [min] and [max]
  • Block - turn an axefx block on/off
  • Sysex - axefx sysex set parameter [block], [param] between [min] and [max]
So you can do 2 things with any given IA button. Most of the time you'd want to just use one command to switch a block on or off. But now there is some flexibility to do more things if needed.

Now in the global menu there is 3 sections for the different parameter modes (parameters are the 6 knobs and 2 external controllers). The modes are "Normal", "Amp1" and "Amp2". In normal mode the default operation is to send a midi CC command, with the default settings being the axefx EXTERN1 to EXTERN8 midi CC's. Amp1 and Amp2 mode default to sending axefx sysex command's that map to the Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Presence/Master for the Amp1 and Amp2 block. That mode change is tied to a 3 position hardware switch on the box somewhere. Each of those (3) modes has 8 parameter settings, that each have again 2 commands. The command editing is exactly the same options as the IA's.

Then you also have the Tuner CC and Tempo CC, the midi channel and the factory reset function. The factory reset just configures all the IA's for every preset to do nothing and makes the global parameters do all the default things for the different modes.

All in all it's now looking and feeling much better. The hardware testing is coming along nicely. I'm still working on dialing in the LCD code... it's being a little finicky. But hopefully I'll get it sorted tonight.
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