I'm done with anything nVidia
Date: 3/1/2010
So far I've had a pretty messy run with nVidia stuff. First there was that awful awful experience I had with a nForce3 mobo, 6 months of my life poured in to getting that piece of crap running stable. I gave up in the end and ditched it. Then I bought an nForce4 mobo and a XFX 7600GS gfx card, which has been my core PC system for a couple of years now and it's been very stable as far as PC's go. It gives my Macbook a run for it's money in some respects.

The XFX card hardware is brilliant, never had an issue. But I'm stuck on some legacy nVidia driver for it because they deleted a piece of functionality that I really do NEED everyday. That is video mirroring to the TV out, i.e. play a video on the main screen in a window and get the whole video fullscreen on the TV. And they removed it completely from the driver UI some years ago, so I just stopped updating the driver after finding "the one true driver" (for me at least). I was pretty dark with nVidia over just that.

However I recently upgraded to sp3 and the ethernet port now only runs at 100mbit. Which I cannot abide with. So my mobo has also lost it's stereo out port (just flakey h/w), the video card is stuck in driver limbo and now the ethernet is crippled. Apparently it's some nVidia driver issue.

So yeah me and nVidia are done. I'm buying an Intel gigabit nic to go with my sound blaster, to replace the functionality that my mobo SHOULD'VE had all along. It's a stop gap till I spec up a hackintosh with some Core2 muscle.
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